Topographical Surveys

Topographical Surveys

Cheshire Surveys Ltd of Chester offers professional topographical surveys throughout Cheshire, North Wales and the North West of England.

Cheshire Surveys Ltd: a company you can rely on

Here at Cheshire Surveys Ltd, based in Chester, we use only the latest Leica robotic total stations and GPS systems. As such, we are able to produce topographical surveys to suit your requirements. We cater for the range of topographical surveys, from the smaller scale such as gardens and house plots through to larger scale field and development plots as well as level surveys. We also undertake boundary as well river and floodplain surveys. Our surveys are available to homeowners, home builders, and business owners alike.

All surveys are carried out to RICS standards for land and buildings at scales of 1:500 or larger and our surveys can be related to ordnance survey datum for level and position or to a local grid datum. Our GPS work is carried out to Network RTK Best Practice. We produce our surveys in 2D and 3D format to suit your needs and we will provide you with a set of digital drawings in DXF/DWG and PDF formats. Hard copy plans can also be supplied. 

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Full Topographical Survey

Here at Cheshire Surveys Ltd we provide full topographical surveys for sites of every shape and size. We work to a standard survey specification as recommended by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).  This includes:
  • A minimum 10m grid of levels
  • Permanent Building/Structures
  • Temporary/Mobile Buildings
  • Visible boundary Features: Walls, Fences, Hedges
  • Roads, Tracks, Footways, Paths
  • Street furniture
  • Statutory authorities' plant & service covers where visible
  • Changes of surface
  • Isolated Trees/wooded areas/limits of vegetation
  • Pitches/recreation
  • Water features
  • Earthworks
  • Industrial features
  • Railway features with arranged access

We use the Leica Total Station to carry out our topographical surveys and using our GPS kit we link our surveys (where a GPS network connection is available)  to Ordnance level and position.

Level Surveys

We also provide level surveys for circumstances when a full topographical survey is not required.  Level surveys are ideal for adding levels to an OS or at specific intervals in a project where the ground levels are changing. These type of surveys can be carried out at a high density across a site, for example, a 1m or 5m grid. We are also able to transfer levels across building sites or provide ordnance survey datum levels.

Manhole Levels and Inverts

We are able to provide manhole and invert levels where they can measured from the surface and traffic management is not required.  These can be can included as part of a topographical survey on request or can be carried out on their own to assist with drainage investigations.

River and Floodplain Surveys

We can provide river and floodplain surveys.  River Surveys involve surveying cross sections across the watercourse, elevations of any structures along the water course and floodplain topographical surveys as required. This data can then be used to give an accurate idea of how the river behaves.

Boundary Surveys

Here at Cheshire Surveys we can carry out surveys of the physical boundaries of properties or pieces of land, which can be overlaid to OS plans and/or title plans to show the relative position. We can assist in the preparation of plans for submission to the Land Registry and have experience of working under instruction from Solicitors or RICS Chartered Surveyors on boundary matters. We cannot however advise on legal boundary positions or on boundary disputes and do not act as expert witnesses. 

For further information on the relationship between OS plans and Land Registry titles visit the Ordnance Survey website FAQs page on property boundaries.

For further information on boundary disputes visit the RICS website consumer guide on boundary disputes.

For topographical surveys in the North West, contact Cheshire Surveys Ltd:  Call 01829 741 859
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