Monitoring & Deformation Surveys

Monitoring and 
deformation surveys

For professional monitoring surveys in Cheshire, North Wales and the North West of England, contact Cheshire Surveys Ltd on 01829 741 859.

Monitoring surveys from 
Cheshire Surveys Ltd

Do you need to know if your ground is moving or concerned about cracks in your building? With one of our monitoring surveys, we can help you determine if any ground movement has occurred by monitoring land for a specified period of time. We can also install crack monitors onto buildings to check and monitor these on a regular basis for changes. This type of work involves us setting-up a series of markers across your site or on your building and returning after an agreed-upon time period to check if the markers have moved position and level and provide a report of the results in Excel format. Contact us now for a free, no obligation quote. 

We also undertake borehole surveys and can provide coordinates and levels relative to British National Grid and Ordnance datum either using GPS real time “SmartNet” or post-processed using RINEX data.  

Monitoring surveys

Deformation surveys

Contact Cheshire Surveys Ltd today and arrange your deformation survey with one of our experts, or simply obtain a free no-obligation quotation. A deformation survey measures and tracks alteration in shape or dimension, particularly in the bedrock. We carry these out on the following:
  • Construction sites
  • Roads
  • Tunnels
  • Bridges
  • Foundations
  • High-rise buildings 
You may also wish to have a topographical survey, measured building and elevation surveys or a volumetric survey. So please call Cheshire Surveys Ltd today on: 01829 741 859.
For extremely reliable deformation surveys in North Wales, Cheshire and the North West: Call 
01829 741 859
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