Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning

For professional Laser Scanning in Cheshire, North Wales and the North West of England, contact Cheshire Surveys Ltd on 01829 741 859.

Introduction to Laser Scanning

Using the latest Leica ScanStation equipment and Leica point cloud software package (Leica Cyclone; Leica CloudWorx and Leica Jetstream) we can capture detailed 3D point cloud data to produce 2D and 3D drawings and models to meet your requirements.  We use laser scanning as part of our daily surveying activities. 

Laser scanning is ideal for:

  • Full site surveys (topographical and measured building)
  • Accurate and detailed internal and elevation surveys
  • Street scenes
  • Surveys of sites with complex geometry or contours
  • Where 3D data capture is required for use in BIM

It is also ideal for where access to a site or building is restricted or physical access is not practical as well as when a project is time limited or needs to be done at night.

The Benefits of Laser Scanning

The added value benefits of laser scanning over other survey techniques is that it can:
  • reduce the time needed on site to capture the information required and a cost saving can be delivered to the client as a result
  • deliver faster results
  • capture a higher level of detail and better quality results
  • be less obtrusive
  • reduce the need for return visits to the site in the future to capture additional information as all the information is captured in one go
  • provide survey point cloud data that supports and can be used in BIM

Point Clouds

Unlike Total Stations that record single measured points in time and space, Laser Scanners send out thousands of beams of light and record millions of points of a structure of surface to produce what is called a point cloud.  Several scans can be knitted together either using target locations set on site or by a technique called cloud to cloud.  Once the data is downloaded and registered the end result is a 3D point cloud model made up of lots of data points in a grid that looks like a low resolution photograph.   This can then be imported into AutoCAD and the point cloud used to produce 2D or 3D drawings or models as required by the client.
For Professional Laser Scanning in the North West, contact Cheshire Surveys  Call 01829 741 859

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