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GPS Surveys

Here at Cheshire Surveys we provide a range of GPS solutions for projects.  We carry out both stand alone GPS surveys as well as using our GPS to compliment our Total Station work and vice versa. GPS has a particular advantage to provide centimetre accuracy over a large area or where the line of sight is an issue.

The majority of our surveys are now linked to Ordnance Survey grid and level using our GPS kit combined with Leica SmartNet. This provides repeatable centimetre accuracy. SmartNet uses the mobile phone network to provide 24/7 GNSS Network RTK correction data. So, wherever we have mobile phone connection we can provide real time OS co-ordinate and level.

We can also provide accurate GPS solutions where a mobile connection is not available using our GPS base stations and radios that have a two mile radius.  This can then be post processed and linked to OS for position and level. Our base units can also be used to provide high accuracy OS position by setting up the base station for several hours occupation per set up.  This is then post processed and detailed reports of the results can be provided.
    As-built surveys
    For High Quality GPS surveys in the North West, contact Cheshire Surveys Ltd:  Call 01829 741 859
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